Automotive Dealerships July 20, 2015

5 Common Places Car Dealerships Overlook for Lighting Solutions


Running an automotive dealership is more than a full-time position; it’s a way of life. And when it comes to selling cars, the way you present your business and show off new products is arguably as important as the new products themselves.

In the same way that you would wash and wax a vehicle before putting in on your lot, you should never overlook the importance of properly lighting your lot. With that said, we know it’s easy for some areas to get overlooked. Today, we will help pinpoint 5 common places car dealerships overlook for lighting solutions.

Your Vehicle Spotlight

If you quickly surveyed your lot, this may have gone overlooked almost immediately. The presentation of your highlighted vehicle is one of the main attractors to people passing by! Whether it’s the new hemi 4-wheel drive truck or flashy new sports car, the eye is attracted to that which you have gone out of your way to highlight most.

But dealerships often overlook specifically lighting these vehicles because of their emblematic nature. Either they decide that the lighting that is already in place at the lot is enough or that the pedestal itself serves as a satisfactory highlight. Installing flood, ingrade, and/or landscape lighting to assist in highlighting these vehicles should be at the top of the list, in our books.

Your Service Area

A well-lit exterior service area provides overall customer and employee safety for your business. A well-lit and maintained service area can be one of the key facets that signal to potential buyers that your lot is worth touring.

Just think—how many times have you visited a dealership and seen a dark, messy service area only to assume that the vehicles there must need constant up-keep? Reaching that conclusion isn’t a big jump. Keeping it clean and well-lit with LED lighting will help consumers see the best side of your business.

Your Interior Row

Lighting the interior rows of your inventory is a must. Yes, these may not be the cars on the front line that attracted them to your lot initially, but they are inventory that someone is going to have eyes on, and getting these cars off the lot for newer models is an important aspect of turnover to consider.

Installing the proper lighting fixtures that highlight products in the perfect light is one thing—being capable of doing so while dramatically cutting energy costs is what Utilities Dynamics specializes in doing.

Did you know that LED technology has advanced to such a degree that it can sense when someone is approaching and turn on? This saves energy when no one is around, and can also be used to help map out popular areas on your lot. Measuring this type of data can help you figure out where the best spot on your lot is, and plan accordingly.

Your Signage

It seems like a no-brainer but the signage around your lot is beneficial to people both on and off-site. Ensuring that potential consumers can see your phone number and name (for when they are searching online) is crucial to getting those people on to the lot.

Choosing fixtures that lend themselves to a cohesive look and feel to your dealership is integral to successful branding.

Your Office Interior

An inviting entrance and interior section for your offices has benefits that are two-fold: lighting can relax customers and employees with a color temperature skewed more toward blue hues.

Don’t overlook the power of lighting for your business! The science of photometry is incredibly nuanced. For more information and ways to apply it to your business, you can check out our FREE e-book below where we go into how you can apply it to your business more effectively.