Automotive Dealerships August 13, 2015

The Biggest Mistake Car Dealerships Make With LED Lighting


Here at Utilities Dynamics, we have worked with several car dealerships over the course of our 20-year history. In that span of time, we have toured virtually every kind of car lot there is to see. We’ve seen dealerships building new lots decide to go for the LED lighting solution as a part of their construction budget and lots that decide to forego LED costs and use older, antiquated lighting technology (because they feel it is cheaper).

In both cases, once they do come around to the advantages of LED lighting, there’s one critical piece that dealerships (and businesses in general) overlook.

The Problem

Most of the time, when an engineering firm calls upon a potential client, their focus lies in producing the biggest energy reduction they can possibly muster without lying through their teeth. They get this number by replacing every light fixture on that lot with an LED fixture, citing that LED’s cut cost and there’s no reason not to replace it.

Once they have this number, they complete it with a great-looking graph that shows the type of constant savings that anyone well-versed in energy costs would have a tough time getting behind. But, the savings look too good to turn down so the dealership signs off on the one-for-one replacement.

Fast forward a year or two, and here’s what you’re likely to find—a car lot that saved a ton of energy, but hasn’t seen any dramatic change in business! “But, how is that possible? You say LED lighting does that,” you might be asking. You would be correct, but simply replacing your current light fixtures with their LED counterparts is only half the battle.

An Engineered Solution vs. One-for-One LED Implementation

In order to make the sale on an LED lighting solution, most engineering firms are happy to assess your current dealership and talk, in broad strokes, about an installation that merely replaces all current fixtures—a “one-to-one” replacement, as we call it. This affords them the biggest numbers in terms of savings which offers the quickest simple payback on paper.

An engineered solution developed for your dealerships offers various insights to the lighting needs of your car lot. A photometric analysis showing where your lot needs more light, where your lot does well pointing light, and how consistent your light levels are across various sections (like the front row, the interior sections, the main building, etc.) are all integral pieces to the lighting puzzle. Without this level of analysis, you might as well be working in the dark (pun intended).

We work diligently with our team of engineers to develop a lighting package that balances savings with a great-looking lot. For a car dealership, lighting is a critical piece to attracting the right type of customer to your lot, getting them into a vehicle, and moving inventory off your lot. With a one-for-one replacement, there is no consideration given to where you’re directing that light, the consistency of light-levels, or even what type of LED bulb would work best.  Our solutions hinge on finding the answers to these questions and giving you all the information for a more informed buying decision.

Utilities Dynamics – Light Speed Solutions

That fact is a part of Utilities Dynamics advantage. We are not just another group of engineers that wants to sell you a quick solution. Our custom-fit energy solutions are meant to provide you with savings that meet the criteria for return on investment set by you.

We pride ourselves on providing an all-encompassing solution that will help drive measurable, trackable results for your dealership. Results not only in the energy savings we can produce for you but also in generating traffic onto your lot and providing a better understanding of what customers are looking at when you’re not around.

If you’re ready for that next step, download our FREE case study below to learn more about what solution we were able to develop for Champion Ford Auto. The work can speak for itself!