Automotive Dealerships July 6, 2015

Interior and Exterior Energy Solutions for Your Automotive Dealership: Part Two


In our last entry, we discussed a few energy solutions to consider for your automotive dealership. Specifically, we targeted your indoor facilities and spoke at length about ways to cut down your energy costs. If you haven’t caught up with it, check here, first.

Today though, we tackle your energy needs outdoor and find some cost-cutting measures that not only help you save money but also work smarter, not harder.

An Outdoor Energy Culprit

It should come as no surprise that the biggest consumer of energy in your outdoor areas is lighting. A properly-lit car lot is one of the most important staging pieces to getting cars off the lot.

While true that daylight is a key piece to that lighting pie, keeping your car lot well-lit in the other hours of the day, or during overcast days, is just as integral. Lighting that shows off your vehicles in a way that is attractive to the human eye is especially key during colder months when the days are shorter, and people are more likely to be on your lot at dusk or even later.

Advanced lighting controls act as a cost-cutting measure by knowing when it’s bright enough to shut off completely. This kind of smart lighting can do more than just save you money—it can help you make more money as well.

An Automotive Dealership’s Secret Weapon

Remember that talk of working smarter, not harder? Any car dealership owner knows that the sale begins the moment a customer drives past the lot. In today’s modern era, sometimes that sale begins even earlier with a search online. It’s never been more important than right now to have real, measurable and traceable data to help you move cars off the lot.

So, what does that have to do with your energy consumption?

It’s simple. Remote sensor technology in lighting retrofits, similar to the same ones mentioned earlier that sense daytime and nighttime, can turn your outdoor lighting on when it senses the motion of an approaching car or person. And these sensors can also turn them off as activity dies down.

This data can be measured and tracked to show you key correlations on what areas of your lot are well-trafficked. This way, you’ll know exactly where to put your blockbuster vehicles. That kind of valuable data doesn’t just help you cut down on your energy bill, it can directly help you move more merchandise off your lot and put more money in your pockets.

Finding energy solutions is all about finding the light bulb moments in your dealership’s facilities—and we mean that both literally and figuratively, of course.

Still looking for your light bulb moments and want to enlist the help of the pros? No problem, that’s what we are here for. Below, you’ll find a downloadable case study for you to take, free of charge. Within it will describe our most recent work showing you how we took advantage of their energy needs and made it work even harder for them.