Automotive Dealerships October 29, 2015

How LED Lighting Fixes the 3 Biggest Problems for Car Lots


Selling cars in the current economic climate is hard enough without those common problems that plague even the most successful dealerships.

There is always that obvious and constant need for more and more business. But, many car lot owners don’t realize that there is one simple, money-saving solution – LED lighting.

So, how can LED lighting fix your lot’s biggest issues? Learn how LED lighting can help you move products faster and more efficiently in this blog.

Poor Curb Appeal

Is your dealership struggling to simply get customers from its curb to its lot?

Attracting visitors during or after hours is a matter of attractively positioning and illuminating your cars so that people passing by are drawn to your business.

But, if your products don’t look inviting or your property doesn’t look safe, customers aren’t going to approach your business.

LED lighting strategically placed around your dealership solves those potential problems. It pulls customers in and highlights exactly what you want them to see.

Wasted Energy

Your business pays for the energy it uses, night and day, regardless of the level of efficiency of your appliances. And, remember customers shop for vehicles during all hours of the day, so outdoor lights generally stay on 24/7.

But, this sales tactic racks up thousands, if not millions, of dollars in energy bills. And, your current lighting set-up may not be efficiently lighting your products or lot.

Have you ever noticed that if you install lights directly above or near featured vehicles, they don’t look quite as shiny and appealing as you want them to? Well, the root of that problem is called light spill.

Light spill is the wasted extra light and energy that your fixtures are emitting, but isn’t getting to the intended location.

Retrofitted LED systems emit exponentially less spill than other types of lighting because LEDs are directional light sources. So, every dollar you spend on energy is being used more efficiently. Plus, you know that your vehicles and entire dealership will look great for all potential customers.

No Trackability

The logical next step is gathering data about where your customers go when your sales team isn’t around. Are they looking at the newest styles out front or at the lower priced options in a random corner of the lot?

Knowing exactly where your customers are going and adjusting your product accordingly makes good business sense. But, does your lighting system provide that valuable information for your company.

LED lighting control systems sense when someone is approaching. So, by looking at your system comprehensively, you can track the most popular spots on your lot when you’re not around.

LED lighting systems are an easy fix-all for car dealerships. They’re a win-win – you save on energy costs while also pulling in more business and sales.

Give customers a brighter prospective of your dealership today.