Automotive Dealerships August 10, 2015

How LED Lighting Grows Revenue for Your Car Dealership


High-quality lighting is one of the main components to getting a customer behind the wheel of a vehicle and off your lot. Impressing your prospective buyers with a visual spectacle of chrome and color is just one piece of the puzzle. When we step on a lot that has an undercooked lighting solution we know they are missing the mark in their sales and in their utility bills.

You’re probably wondering how LED lighting can really affect your bottom line in such a decisive manner. Well today, the Utilities Dynamics team takes aim at showing you exactly the difference a custom-fit LED solution can provide for your car lot.

Curb Appeal

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first row of cars, your showroom, or the service bays—your dealership needs high-quality lighting to help customers see the difference in your vehicles and in your brand.

Consumers feel pressured when they know others are watching them. Thus, it’s no secret that potential customers cruise around lots after hours when they know they will be left alone to see your inventory. And let’s face it, what is the consumer going to choose when they are driving down the section of road where all car lots intersect—the dingy, dark, and perhaps dangerous lot?

Or, will they choose the brightly-lit dealership with its colors and logo prominently displayed and lit? The decision is a no-brainer for most consumers. Providing your lot with the “face” it needs to attract customers is basic sales strategy.

It seems unfair, because it is—LED’s generate the same amount of light using less energy than typical lighting technology. Those savings, coupled with increased traffic to your lot, can lead to bigger bottom lines in your future.

Look inside your service bay. How many high-bay fixtures are being used? Multiply that by their wattage, which is typically in the range of 400 watts or more, and compare that to the reduced wattage of an LED solution that wouldn’t require a one-to-one replacement. The simple savings here are staggering to behold and apply in every facet of your dealership.

Flexible & Optimizable

Not only will LED’s assist your salesmen in moving inventory off the lot, they bring costs down through reduced maintenance. LED’s are much more rugged than their antiquated counterparts. With fewer moving parts and simpler technology, the failure rate of an LED bulb is incredibly low even under stressful conditions.

It follows then that maintenance costs are greatly reduced with LED solutions. With a general lifespan stretching into the 10 to 25-year range, you will be spending less on having a crew up in a bucket truck changing light bulbs. And if an LED bulb were to fail, the warranties on LED tech have that cost covered.

Couple these facts with the technology and know-how to perform a point-by-point photometric analysis of your current lot’s lighting levels and the difference becomes truly eye opening. This lighting software can pinpoint exactly where your light is going and allow our team to address any issues with incredible accuracy. The benefits of this analysis extend beyond a mere energy reduction that a one-for-one fixture replacement can offer– it can make your lot pop in a way that you never thought possible.

Eyes in the Sky

Beyond having a setting for “dawn” and “dusk”, LED lighting allows you to control exactly the amount of light you need and where you need it. With the implementation of a lighting management system to track when lights are being activated by movement sensors on your lot, you can see exactly what potential customers are looking at when you’re not around. The sales results can be staggering, and without this technology you would never have known it. It’s like finding money in your couch cushions.

LED solutions are fully capable of growing your revenue as the years wear on after a custom solution has been installed. And in most cases, it doesn’t take that long to see the dividends from your investment.

However, hiring the right people to perform the task at hand is crucial to capturing those dollars. A company that can provide a point-for-point photometric analysis of your needs while meeting your criteria for returns on investment is necessary to success and Utilities Dynamics is the company that can do that.

For more information on what our capabilities can do for your dealership, download our FREE e-book below that talks about the science of photometry and how it applies to LED lighting. It’ll be your first step toward lighting the path to energy savings and increased sales.