Automotive Dealerships October 10, 2015

One Easy Way to Make your Car Dealership More Sustainable


Businesses focused on going green, being more environmentally friendly and sustainable have been all the rage since the 1990’s.

But what plan can you implement that won’t involve turning your business inside out? And are there more creative solutions besides turning off the lights when your employees are gone?

Retrofitted LED lighting systems are the perfect balance between a complete company audit and replacing regular with energy-saver light bulbs. In fact, retrofitted LED systems seem to be the last simple way to make businesses more sustainable.

And car lots are one place where owners and customers will both see a big difference. Owners will notice the major energy cost reduction, and customers will notice the products you want highlighted.

Here is how LED lighting systems can help secure your car dealership’s future.

Been There, Done That

Chances are by now your company has embraced some version of an environmentally friendly office. Either you print on both sides of paper or your office recycles.

Those steps are environmentally conscious, but let’s get real – they’re like playing in little league. Compare those practices to companies that are installing solar panels on their roofs or are pouring billions of dollars into more sustainable and healthy food production.

Don’t you want your dealership to be playing in the big league? Business owners want to know how to make money for their car dealerships and they want to do it now.

But to be financially successful, business owners have to use those out-of-the-box solutions such as retrofitted LED lighting systems.

Think Years not Weeks down the Road

Sustainability means longevity for your business. Financial stability is the number one factor in your company’s fate. Ask yourself- Have you taken the right steps to ensure it will be around in 10 or 20 years?

The price of energy is rising. Have you have put measures into place so your business can pay those rising costs?

Your dealership won’t stay open if you are just surviving from year to year. So, invest in a solution that will continue to save your company money for years after it’s paid off. Consider adding those savings to your bottom line.

With retrofitted LED lighting solutions that are custom-built for your dealership, your company can save 50 percent or more on its annual lighting energy expenses. Numbers that bold make the upfront cost of a lighting solution seem trivial in comparison.

With a personalized solution, your business can be really environmental friendly, save on energy costs and see an immediate financial impact.

Then, you can put that money back into keeping your car dealership around for the long haul.

Know Where to Turn

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your dealership sustainable, look no further. Partnering with Utilities Dynamics is simple. Check out how we can help you.