LED Lighting April 6, 2015

Investing in Your Utilities Reduces COGS: Here’s How.


The cost of goods sold. Used as a measure of viability, the figure either scares the living daylights out of you, or is a calm reassurance that your model is lean and mean. Worse yet, overcoming the challenge of reducing cost, and worrying about staying in business at all, absorbs yours and your management team’s time which adversely impacts your profitability.

Reducing overhead and cost is the main play of any CFO, and helps keep the company afloat without resorting to downsizing your workforce, which demoralizes and adds stress to those who remain. What options exist for someone whose back is against the wall of insolvency? It’s simple; invest in your utilities.

Utilities Dynamics, Inc. specializes in the reduction and management of energy consumption. Through efficient development, implementation, and commissioning of modern lighting solutions, we can create a lasting impact for your company no matter the size or scope of the project you have in mind.

We like to think on a high level with our clients; both in terms of scope, and also in strategy. When we discuss the benefits of our sustainable solutions, showing how little changes in operation can lead to huge savings is part of the job. Printing on both sides of the paper seems like a trite decision. But, if you use a million pieces of a paper in a typical work week, reducing paper cost by 50% suddenly becomes a huge financial benefit.

The same logic applies to our lighting solutions.

The “Light Bulb Moment” for a Client

In 2005, a client of ours applied this logic to their lighting needs. UDI examined the state of their current electrical energy consumption, designed and implemented a new energy-efficient lighting solution specifically for their 26-building campus all in the scope of four months.

The results: An overall reduction in 3,237,531 kilowatt hours was permanently reduced from their lighting load by replacing 11,500 lighting fixtures.

The total project cost was $980,000—and to this day, they reap the benefits of this reduced load through the energy savings they see year after year.

Their example is just one of many that highlight our aptitude for efficiently managing a single, large-scope site installation. Utilities Dynamics Inc. is capable of assisting with larger, national, multi-site solutions as well by leveraging our strategic alliances and virtual partners for assistance with coordination, implementation, and commodity procurement.

A great example of this type of coordination and solution is in our work done with LimitedBrands Incorporated. Below, you will find a link to this case study, complete with pictures and detailed technical scopes of work with overall project costs, and real dollar-amount savings yielded by our efforts.

If you’re ready to take the next steps in helping your business become leaner, greener, and more viable, follow the link below to read up on what our solutions provide for companies, and get in contact with us today.